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Hot Water in Balgowlah

The week had gone quickly and there hadn’t been too much drama in Diane’s life. In other words, a good week. She turned on the hot tap for the bath and let it begin to fill. Friday nights were by far the best. It was nice to relax and soak up the warm water with a glass of wine and a good book. At least, that was the plan until Diane walked back into the bathroom and found the bath not nearly as steamy and full as it was supposed to be. She ran her hand under the tap and found the water lukewarm, leaning to cool, and the water didn’t feel as strong as usual. She turned off the tap and went to the kitchen sink at the other end of the house, flicking on the mixer tap to hot. It was also struggling to produce the usual volume of warm water.

She had people over tomorrow! She could live without her bath, but she doubted her friends would appreciate cold showers! She picked up her phone and searched for a local Plumber in Balgowlah who would be working at 8pm on a Friday. Diane was in luck, the second number she called was actually answered! The Plumber was at a job, but he’d be there as soon as possible! Fantastic!

Her phone rang half an hour later while she was camped in front of the TV. It was the plumber, letting her know he’d be there in the next forty minutes! He was there earlier than that. Diane let him in and showed him the problem. She directed him to the heater attached to the side of her house. It was the Pressure Reduction Valve, he explained. It had caused the temperature to drop and the hot taps to lose their pressure. It would be fixed in no time and she would be able to enjoy her bath.

Diane hated to hover over Tradesmen as she hated people hovering over her while she worked! She went inside and began pottering around, tidying the kitchen, looking in the pantry for some food. She almost jumped out of her skin when the Plumber announced himself. He was done! He wanted her to test a couple of her taps with him, so they could ensure everything was in working order. The first tap she went for was the hot bath tap. Steam began to rise after a minute. The kitchen tap was the same. The problem was fixed!

She thanked him as earnestly as she could, Diane was so grateful! But at the same time she was almost pushing him out the door. She couldn’t wait to have a hot bath!

If you’re suffering problems with your hot water service, call your local Balgowlah Plumber now on 0402 067 187!


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