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  • Blocked drains
  • Hot water issues
  • Leaks or burst pipes

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Emergency Plumbing in Balgowlah

Harry woke up to complete silence, which was a little unnerving. The last thing he could remember was screaming the lyrics to ‘We Will Rock You’. Everyone else had been as well. And then … he couldn’t quite recall. Harry sat up and was relieved when the world didn’t spin and his head remained intact. He levered himself out of bed and wobbled precariously on his feet. Yeap, his birthday party had been a rousing success. He stepped over sleeping bodies and was relieved to see the house and been closed up for the night and most of his belongings were still in one piece. He peered into the fridge to check breakfast supplies were in order, which they were. Now it was finally time to relieve himself of the one too many beers in his bladder. Harry walked into the bathroom and froze.

The Balgowlah Plumber didn’t bat an eyelid at the mess or the people curled up in various positions over the carpeted floor. He concentrated instead on the toilet lying on its side.

“The base,” he informed, “was loose, so at some point someone could have leant on it the wrong way and it’s come away from the floor. The pan is cracked, so it will need to be replaced, otherwise it will leak. If you’d like I can pick up a toilet now and return and install it, you won’t be able to use it for 24 hours, though, as the sealant will need to set.” Harry was impressed by the Plumbers efficiency. He had a toilet in the laundry for people to use, so he agreed. The
Plumber left to pick up the new toilet suite. Harry was preparing breakfast when the Plumber returned. He headed into the bathroom with his new purchase and began working to remove the old toilet and install the new one. It took him a couple of hours, but finally the toilet was installed and connected. Harry locked the bathroom door so none of his friends could get in and destroy this toilet as well.

Have a plumbing emergency you don’t know how to solve yourself? Contact your local Balgowlah Plumber today on 0402 067 187!

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