Blocked Drain Specialists

Blocked Stormwater and Pipes Blocked Drains can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare but with us looking after your home drainage, you can relax. By using the state of the art and the latest advances in drain clearing technology such as the water jetter and the CCTV drain camera.

The main causes of a blocked drain – either storm water or sewer are:

  • Tree roots, get into your pipes and grow inside until they completely block the pipe.
  • Debris in the pipe such as silt and building materials.
  • Faults in the sewer line.

Blocked Drain Specialists

Blocked Drains can be cleared in several ways, not all methods are suitable for your drain but once on site the plumber can assess the right method for you.

  1. High strength drain acid
  2. Plunging the toilet/sink
  3. RootX – foaming root inhibitor
  4. Bioclean – an environmentally friendly preventive drain cleaning agent.
  5. Water jet drain cleaner
  6. Electric Eel
  7. Dig up and replacement of sewer pipes.

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Blocked Drains in Balgowlah

Rain water was still pooling over her lawn, hours after the rainstorm. Ida stared out the window, mug of hot chocolate clutched between her hands as she tried to keep warm. Why hadn’t the water drained yet? More storm clouds were banking, ready to bring another onslaught before the hour was through. Already droplets were beginning to tap against the window. She pulled out her laptop and Googled the problem. She quickly came to realise that it was a drainage issue, and would only get worse. It was definitely something to look into. After the next downpour stopped she looked out her window to see the puddle had grown much bigger. The shed, hunched next to the spontaneous pool, had water pouring over the top of its guttering, seeming to ignore the downpipe altogether. Ida returned to her computer and searched for a local Balgowlah Plumber.

He arrived early the next morning. She followed him out onto the squelchy lawn. It had rained more overnight, so very little water had drained. The first thing the Plumber did was look at the shed. The downpipe that Ida had seen from the kitchen window was clogged with leaves and twigs, although the gutters were fairly clear. He then pulled up the grating on a drainage pit in the backyard. It was filled with cloudy water. It appeared the stormwater drains were blocked and would need to be cleared using a high pressure water jetter. Ida agreed and the Balgowlah Plumber got to work, setting up the jetter. He ran it down the stormwater line, hitting four obstructions along the way. He managed to clear through each one. The water in the backyard began to drain away as he worked. The problem had been with leaves from the big trees in the backyard. Fortunately, though, there didn’t appear to be any tree roots affecting the pipes.

The Balgowlah Plumber ran a camera down to double check that the blockages had been caused by tree litter. Before he left he also cleared out the blocked downpipe which fed directly into the stormwater line. By the time he left there was no visible ground water.

Have you got blocked sewer or stormwater drains? Is your toilet gurgling?

Call your local Balgowlah Plumber and organise an appointment on 0402 067 187!


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