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Illustration of a blocked drain

Blocked Sewers & Drain Jetting

Rain water was still pooling over her lawn, hours after the rainstorm. Ida stared out the window, mug of hot chocolate clutched between her hands as she tried to keep warm. Why hadn’t the water drained yet? More…

Illustration of a hotwater tap

Hot water repair & upgrades

The week had gone quickly and there hadn’t been too much drama in Diane’s life. In other words, a good week. She turned on the hot tap for the bath and let it begin to fill. Friday nights were by far the best. It was…

Illustration of a toilet

Plumbing – taps & toilets

Harry woke up to complete silence, which was a little unnerving. The last thing he could remember was screaming the lyrics to ‘We Will Rock You’. Everyone else had been as well. And then… he couldn’t quite…


Pipe Relining & Servicing

One of the worst things that can happen to your sewer line is clogging and/or leaking caused by the intrusion of tree roots. Tree roots can make their way through soil until they reach sources of water.

Fact you should know about “Balgowlah”

Plumber Balgowlah Fact

When you live in paradise surrounded by sparkling beaches and pristine water ways you can appreciate why so many people built their houses in the area especially from the 1950s. Developers also saw the beauty of the area and constructed units and apartments during the 1960s and 1970s.

We all want to keep our suburb and beaches clean for us and our children to enjoy, there are a few things we can all do around our homes to achieve this. Avoid sweeping or hosing leaves and debris into stormwater collection points like you gutter and street drains as this debris ends up in creeks and on beaches.

If you have blocked drains or gutters call Plumber Balgowlah to clear them for you and check your sewer if you notice your toilet gurgles or is slow to drain. Sometimes it is as easy as having the drain cleared with a water jetter. If you are concerned that a more serious problem means a disruptive dig up, talk to us we can now provide pipe re-lining which is a no dig option for repairing damaged pipes.

Our experienced plumbers can offer you obligation free advice on all of your plumbing needs from converting your LPG BBQ to natural gas, installing a rainwater tank or fixing a damaged sewer.

Experienced local tradies servicing Balgowlah and the Northern Beaches with plumbers trained in all facets of plumbing and gas fitting including;

Toilets repaired and outdated toilets replaced

Dripping, leaking water pipes repaired or replaced

Environmental Rainwater tanks installed, repaired or replaced

Hot Water Installations, repairs or replacement

Natural Gas installation and repairs as well as LPG BBQ conversions

Tapware repaired, replaced or upgraded

All Blocked drains both internal and external cleared, inspected, repaired, re-run

7 Reasons why you should try our services for yourself:


We value professionalism

We value honesty and provide you with guaranteed pricing before we start work



100% Quality Service, fully guaranteed


100% Quality Service

Plumbers dedicated to getting the job done


Emergency Services

Professional Tradesmen who respect your property like it was their own


Cost Effective Services

Emergency Services provide 24 hour peace of mind


Equipped and on-time

Our fleet of fully stocked trucks are ready for most plumbing jobs


Dedicated Professionals

We offer you a FREE plumbing and safety inspection and multiple job discounts


Plumber Balgowlah providing fast service and hot water repairs

Anthony was sitting down watching TV on a Sunday night when all of a sudden he heard this almighty BOOM! Immediately he called out to his wife who was on the bath to make sure she was OK. She was fine, but that didn’t sole the mystery of what the BOOM was.

Anthony ran to the back room but couldn’t see anything out of place. He then headed down to the garage. As soon as he opened the garage door he knew immediately it came from here!

There was water all over the floor! Water was spouting like a fountain from his hot water system. Anthony knew his hot water system was getting old, but he thought there was a bit of life left in it. He was lucky his wife get his bath in before there was no hot water!

Anthony had no idea who to call, but he wanted someone fast, after all he still had not had a shower and was not impressed at the thought of a cold shower. Anthony thought it would be best to call the local neighbourhood plumber for the fastest response. He looked up Plumber Balgowlah online and he was there in the next 30 minutes. Anthony was impressed to say the least!

The plumber informed Anthony that there was no way of repairing the tank and it needed to be replaced. Anthony thought there was no way of him having a nice warm shower tonight.

The plumber then offered Anthony the option of a temporary hot water system be installed just for tonight to get him through…Anthony jumped at this option.

The plumber fitted the temporary hot water system and said he would be back in the morning.

The plumber returned at 7am in the morning and replaced the old faulty hot water tank. He was done by 11am. Anthony was so impressed! He could not believe the service he received from the local neighbourhood plumber.

There are many emergency plumbing services around. But, if you want the very best, fast service give us a call on 0402 067 187.


What people say

Great Service from Matt, thank you..


Great Service from Matt, thank you.. -Paul

Peter was very patient and helpful in answering my many questions.Very pleased with the service – will definitely use them again.

-  Katherine

Peter was very patient and helpful in answering my many questions.Very pleased with the service – will definitely use them again. -  Katherine

Excellent communication and advice about likely future needs.  As service visits go, a great relief and pleasant change .

- Evan

Excellent communication and advice about likely future needs.  As service visits go, a great relief and pleasant change . - Evan
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